Founded in 2000 as a software development house to design and build membership management and continuous professional development (CPD) solutions with supporting services for professional bodies.

Over the past 19 years we have created our own products, participated in an enterprise development initiative, virtualised the organisation and evolved into a mid-sized company with two legal entities registered in South Africa, one registered in Namibia and one registered in Scotland.

E2’s prestigious client base collectively includes over 100 local and international professional bodies such as the South African Pharmacy Council, Estate Agency Board, Namibian Council of Architects and the International Society of Audiology, representing more than 100 thousand individual members.

Commenced business in February 2000 to develop configurable membership management and CPD software, together with supporting services (including bookkeeping, member assist, content maintenance) for professional bodies. Our two primary products are registered trademarks in South Africa, known as MYMEMBERSHIP® and MYCPD® and E2 Solutions licenses the use of these products to the various other legal entities within the E2 Group.

Established in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of E2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd to design, build, support and maintain bespoke membership management and CPD solutions for South African statutory bodies, by making use of the MYMEMBERSHIP® and MYCPD® products as a framework and developing these further into tailormade solutions.

Commenced business in October 2015 as a fifty-fifty joint venture with Namibia Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd to market, implement and support the MYMEMBERSHIP® and MYCPD® offerings within Namibia.

Registered in Scotland during September 2017 to market, implement and support the MYMEMBERSHIP® offering to English speaking countries around the world.

A comprehensive member management software that streamlines your administrative processes, elevates the members experience and creates additional value for all stakeholders. Visit www.mymembership.co.za or email us on info@mymembership.co.za for more.

Offered under the MYCPD® Connect or MYCPD® Private Platform options, MYCPD® is a central system for processing accreditation applications, recording delegate attendance at events, issuing certificates, generating reports and more. Visit www.mycpd.co.za or email us on info@mycpd.co.za for more.

Our VAT registration number is 4160191997

E2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Attention: Craig Ryall
Address: P O Box 2736, Witkoppen, 2068
Tel: +27 72 563 0095
VAT: 4160191997

Our turnover is currently under the gazetted threshold, making us automatically compliant. For a copy of our affidavit and signed letter from our accountants in this regard, please contact Rean Opperman on rean@e2.co.za

In 2015 an enterprise development opportunity arose where E2 sponsored and supported the establishment of a stand-alone software development house called Annotations Micro Systems (Pty) Ltd (2014/141480/07). E2 signed, and still has, a long-term contract with Annotations for the provision of software development services to the E2 Group. Ownership of Annotations resides 100% with the software developers.

Craig Ryall
Rean Opperman
Martin Gill
Chris Joseph
In 2015, before the establishment of Annotations was completed, the E2 group employed nearly 40 staff including business analysts, graphic designers, project managers, software developers, community managers, membership administrators, sales representatives and bookkeepers. The E2 team was housed in a building we owned (Unit 16, Northcliff Office Park) with a traditional hierarchical team structure.

Virtualising the business was first considered in late 2017 when we were awarded a contract by the International Society of Audiology to provide membership management software and supporting services to members spread across the world. A pilot project commenced early in 2018 where selected individuals were given the opportunity to work remotely from their home premises. The pilot was a success as we found these individuals performed far better than those working from the office building. A decision was taken to virtualise the entire business with effect from January 2019, wherein all our employees now work remotely. We have found this approach to still be highly effective for our field of work.


For general enquiries, drop us an email or give us a call
E: info@e2.co.za
T: +27(0)82 421 7160


(Customers requiring assistance with our MYMEMBERSHIP® and MYORDERS® products)
Amina Abraham
E: support@mymembership.co.za 
T: +27(0)84 667 5464

(Customers requiring assistance with MYCPD®)
E: support@mycpd.co.za
T: +27(0)63 680 2534 or +27(0)63 680 2551


Matthew van Buuren
E: matthew@e2.co.za
T: +27(0)82 421 7160


Matthew van Buuren
E: matthew@e2.co.za
T: +27(0)82 421 7160

Still unsure? Contact Craig Ryall (director) on craig@e2.co.za or +27(0)72 563 0095