Medical Councils

E2 became involved with Councils during 2009 when we were awarded the tender to develop the 
South African Pharmacy Council register which hosts more than twenty thousand Healthcare Professionals and Associated Organizations. The solution is complex with interlinking technologies using the register as the core supported by a web interface for the staff and members.

E2 were awarded a contract during 2013 to develop a new public platform for the Health Professionals Council of South Africa which can be viewed at The HPCSA website, which includes a content editor and responds according to the users device, has more than 200 pages covering 12 medical boards.

The South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) approached E2 during 2014 to redevelop the public website and to create a member website that is interlinked with the Register.

The Council for Medical Schemes awarded E2 the tender to redevelop and support the Practice Code Numbering System (PCNS) with effect January 1st 2014. The previous service provider has challenged the awarding of the tender, which has delayed our activation date.

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